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Child and Adolescent Therapy


Childhood is a magical time for play, learning, friendships, and exploration. However, life can get in the way of a magical childhood. Whether your child experiences challenges related to temperament, academic, family, or social issues, we can help.  

Zackson Psychology Group offers individual and parent-child treatment for children and adolescents for various issues, including anxiety, ADHD, behavioral challenges, social issues, learning disorders, body issues, or family issues. These issues can become evident in self-defeating thoughts, difficulty controlling emotions, difficulty sleeping, separation anxiety, engaging in problematic behaviors impairing the ability to function at school or interact with friends and family members.

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Specialized Training

Zackson Psychology child clinicians have specialized training with children, adolescents, and parents. As child experts, we understand how children feel, think, and cope. We understand the complexities of development and how parents can best help their children work through their challenges. Research suggests that treatment works best when a parent or caretaker is actively involved in the treatment process—our team of clinicians view parents as the experts on their children. The parents' knowledge and support are critical elements to successful treatment and empowering for parents as it allows them to learn new ways to relate to their child.

Zackson Psychology Group child therapists often work with schools or provide consultation to other service providers. We collaborate with teachers to make the classroom more conducive to learning and positive behavior. 

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