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Social Skills Group


Zackson Psychology Group offers a social skills group for school-age boys and girls who are struggling at school, with peers, and at home. Children in our group try to make and keep friends; however, difficulties with attention, impulsivity, and reading social cues cause significant challenges. These children feel discouraged as they desperately want to make friends. Social skills deficits do not improve over time on their own and are a risk factor in adulthood.

Research suggests that treatment works best when a parent or caretaker is actively involved in the treatment process. Our team of child clinicians views parents as the experts on their children as their knowledge and support are critical elements to successful treatment. Parents also feel empowered to actively be involved as it allows them to learn new ways to relate to their child.

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Treatment Approach

Zackson Psychology Group helps children make friends through practice and feedback in the group social situation. We use play, art, games, and discussion to facilitate social skills as they occur in the group. Our child clinicians implement structured and unstructured activities to provide children with the opportunity to learn various skills in new or challenging situations. Children learn to tolerate frustrations, timing, reciprocity, topic maintenance, appropriate body language, personal space, express their feeling, and interact with the group effectively.

Our groups are developmentally and age-appropriate. We meet each child before joining the group to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Having an extensive practice, we can create groups that will help each child derive maximum benefit.

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